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Who Are Your Governors?

Laura Wilson
Chair of Governors
I joined the Five Acres Governing Body in January of 2014 and am Chair of Governors which is a role that I find both challenging and rewarding.
In 1997 I graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama with a BA in Drama and Education. My course involved going into many schools as a trainee teacher which gave me valuable insights into what factors make a school great. My passionate interest in really high quality Education has remained constant ever since, even though life moved me in a slightly different direction. Joining the FGB at Five Acres means I can put my experience and commitment to work in the service of the School, and the village communities we serve.
In 2008 I joined the local authority as an Officer at Bicester Town Council and worked there for 10 years – it was a role I was very proud to do. With Bicester being designated an ‘area of growth’ by Central Government, my role was interesting and diverse. It allowed me to have a detailed understanding of how public services work, and how to use them to full advantage. As part of this Local Authority work, I developed strong links with the MOD and with the other local authorities: Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council. Since July 2018, I have been working for the MOD in Arncott.
Until July 2016 I was also a member of the Friends of Five Acres PTA. I’ve helped with the planning of many events, in particular with the resurrection of the Five Acres School Fete which is a fabulous community event which I am very proud to have been part of. Whilst I am no longer a committee member, I will continue to support these events where possible in the future.
My biggest link to the school is of course my children, Esme in Year 4 and Rex who left in the Summer of 2018 to join the Bicester School. Their achievements at the school are what I am proudest of and knowing how much they are enjoying their time at Five Acres has been my driving force in being an active member of the FGB.

Sue Ewers
Support Staff Governor
I have been a Teaching Assistant at Five Acres for the over 20 years and qualified as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant about 10 years ago.
I have four grown up children who all attended Five Acres School. My involvement with the school started as a parent – soon I was a volunteer, and then I joined the staff as a Teaching assistant.
Over the years I have watched and been involved in many positive changes at Five Acres. I believe the school is always moving forward to become the best school it possibly can.
I am very proud to work at Five Acres and to be involved in helping the children achieve their full potential. I am particularly proud of the pastoral support that is provided for all the children in our care. Our School vision talks about “nurturing children”. I think this can be put very simply: Children should be happy, comfortable and confident – if they aren’t, they won’t learn very much. My own priority is to work with my colleagues to make sure this is true for all children, as much of the time as possible.
In my role as a governor I am looking forward to helping the school continue developing so that we provide all the children with the very best start in life.  

Roz Jopson
PAC Committee
I am currently a serving Education Officer in the Armed Forces and have been living in Ambrosden since 2014. I have two young children who are not yet of school age. I joined the Board of Governors in 2015 and am presently the lead for SEN . I am a qualified teacher in Further and Higher Education and have a wide background in learning and development. I am currently completing an MSc in Education which focuses on Dyslexia.
I joined Five Acres School Board of Governors to help ensure that the school has military representation and that the special needs of Service children are provided for. I have a passion for education and am keen to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to help them reach their potential and flourish in a safe and happy environment.

Dan Holland

Teacher Governor PAC Committee
When the opportunity to join the Five Acres Governing Body arose in September 2016, I jumped at the chance.
I first joined the teaching staff at Five Acres in 2010 as an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher). Since then I have taught in Year 3, 4 and 5 classes; and have been teaching in Year 6 for the last 3 years. Among my class teacher duties, I also have the responsibilities of being KS2 Coordinator and ICT coordinator.
I am immensely proud to be a member of Five Acres Primary School. The positive, nurturing ethos of the school is truly inspiring.
I have had the privilege of watching many children grow, develop and move on. The experiences a child has in primary school are vitally important to set them up for life in Secondary school and beyond; not just academically but emotionally and socially as well. With a high turnover of pupils, due to the close proximity to the garrison, this is as important as ever and we must ensure that, however short a child’s time is with us, we make as much of a positive impact as possible. We do a fantastic job of this at Five Acres but there is always room for improvement and just like our children, we are always looking for challenge and striving to improve.
By being a member of the FGB, I’m looking to make sure these priorities underpin every decision we make – on your behalf, and on the behalf of your children.

Elaine Bossom
Finance Committee
I’ve been a School Business Manager for the past ten years during which time I successfully completed a BA (Hons) in School Business Management and the Certificate of School Business Management. During this time I’ve worked in a single-intake primary school, a large academy trust and now at Five Acres Primary School. Previously I spent over 15 years working in the Banking and Finance Industries as Operations Manager in Manchester, Bristol and the City of London.  I’m married with two teenage children and my outside interests include reading, travel and cookery.
I was pleased to be asked to join the Five Acres Governing Body, and the Finance Committee, as an Associate Member.  I think it’s essential that the voice of the person in daily charge of the budget gets heard by the Governors, so they can keep a very close eye on how we invest that money, on your children’s behalf.

Melanie Walker
Dedicated Safeguarding Governor, appointed by FGB
Pupil Achievement Committee
I am the Unit Welfare Officer for the Defence EOD, Munitions & Search Training Regt (DEMS Trg Regt). I have been in the role for 4 years and learn something new every day. DEMS is also a school and so requires me to be fully trained and current in Child Protection & Safeguarding procedures, which is something I feel very passionately about.
As part of my job role I have established strong links and work on a daily basis with Local Authority Agencies who are dedicated to ensuring and maintaining safe environments for our children to learn and flourish in.
I was also a Military child myself and so understand, first hand, the pressures of moving schools every few years and the vulnerabilities and uncertainties this can create.  Not just with the Service Child but the wider impact on their friendship groups and class as a whole.
Having worked closely, through work, with Five Acres over the last 4 years I am continually impressed with the way they manage vulnerable children and the complex problems and additional work this creates. Their dedication to every child’s learning experience, emotional wellbeing and development is admirable and I am honoured to be working with them to achieve this.

Kelly Reeves
Finance Committee
I’ve joined the Governing Body as a Parent Governor very recently. I gave it a lot of thought before putting my name forward, because I know that it’s a big job. I realised I very much want to do what I can to add value to the School - by joining a great team of dedicated people who I feel care passionately about our school and the children within it.
My husband and I have two children of our own who are really only just starting out on their journey at Five Acres – Millie is in Year 2 and Chloe is in Foundation Stage. I feel I have a strong vested interest in doing my upmost best for the school.
My hopes for my own children, and for all your children too, are to support our school to excel in teaching both on an educational level, but also on a social interaction level. It’s very important to me that children also learn essential life skills and develop strong moral attitudes.
Having moved to Ambrosden in 1997 I have always felt at home, and thoroughly enjoy living here. My father was in the forces for 22 years and then spent a further 15 years in the Territorial Army. So, I spent all of my childhood and young adult life as a military dependant both here in the UK and abroad in Germany. During that time I attended various different solely Military schools and also mixed Military / Civilian schools, so for this reason I feel a strong connection to this village, its school and its community.
We are fortunate here at Five Acres to enjoy a fantastic diversity of families and hopefully my own combination of experiences as a forces child, and as an “ordinary” wife and mother, can help the Governors’ meet the needs of all the children in the school.
My professional life began in Finance at age 16, working full time whilst also studying for the AAT qualification (Association of Accounting Technicians) - I have been a fully qualified member for well over 10 years, now. I have also gained part qualified status with CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).
I have acquired extensive knowledge and experience within my accountancy roles and I have worked within a broad range of industries, both public and private sector. I now enjoy helping my Directors to lead an efficient finance team as their Financial Controller during a period of exciting growth, in uncertain times.
I’m looking forward to putting all this experience to good use as a member of the Finance Committee of the Governing Body (which makes sure the budget is being well-spent.) Schools would always like more money, but we get what we’re given. It’s essential that the money we do receive is creatively and responsibly spent, to ensure your children get the best possible Primary education. That’s where I’m going to focus my best efforts, on your behalf.