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Governor Vacancies

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pdf Parent Governor Vacancy Advert - December 2022

pdf Parent Governor Information Poster

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Information about Governance

Every school is required to have a Governing Board. Together with the Headteacher, we have a collective responsibility for making sure that all children in our school receive the best education possible in a safe, caring environment. The Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school. The Governing Board is strategic, which means that it plans for the future, considers how the school can achieve its targets and aspirations and monitors how the school is doing.

Please note: at our school, we have governance without committees. This structure was implemented to increase the effectiveness and impact of the Governing Board.

We hope that you will find the following information and links informative. If you require any further information or would like to contact us, all Governors can be contacted through the school office, or, email the Chair of Governors:

Kevin Moyes -


Learn about Governance

pdf Introduction to Governance 

Information About Your Governors 

pdf Five Acres Meet the Governors - September 2022

pdf Governing Board Constitution and Terms of Office

pdf Governor Declarations of Interests

pdf Governor Meeting Attendance - 2020-2021 academic year

pdf Governor Leavers - Last 12 Months

Full Governing Board Minutes

pdf Full Governing Minutes - 12th July 2022

pdf Full Governing Board Minutes - 13th June 2022

pdf Full Governing Board Minutes - 26th April 2022

pdf Full Governing Board Minutes - 17th Jaunuary 2022

pdf Full Governing Board Minutes - 7th December 2021

pdf Full Governing Board Minutes - 19th October 2021

pdf Full Governing Board Minutes - 13th September 2021

pdf Full Governing Board Minutes - 12th July 2021

pdf Full Governing Board Minutes - 8th July 2021

Governor Communications

pdf Governor Communication - 30th September 2022

pdf Governor Communication - 9th May 2022

pdf  Governor Communication - 25th January 2022

pdf Governor Letter to Community Five Acres - 14th December 2021

pdf Governor Communication - 15th October 2021

Instrument Of Government

pdf Instrument of Government 2015

Governor Annual Objectives

pdf Governing Board Objectives 2021-2022 (in addition to SDP) - September 2021

Standing Orders

pdf Standing Orders 2021

Delegation Planner

pdf Delegation Planner - September 2021

Governor Code of Conduct

pdf Code of Conduct - September 2021 

Schedule of Governor Board Business

pdf LA Annual Schedule 2021-2022 - September 2021

pdf Governor Work and Meeting Schedule - September 2021

Governor Behaviour Principles

pdf Governor Behaviour Principles - September 2021

Governor Policies

pdf Governance Policy (Including Lead Governor Terms of Reference) - September 2021

pdf Governors Induction Policy - September 2021

pdf Governors Monitoring Visits Policy - September 2021

pdf Governors Expenses Policy - September 2021

External Financial Benchmarking

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We do not employ any staff on a salary of £100,000 or above.


Training and Resources for Governors


pdf Department for Education Governors' Handbook

 Oxfordshire County Council Governor Information

 Oxfordshire County Council Training Courses

 National Governors Association (Including Online Training)