Five Acres Primary and Foundation Stage School

Five Acres Primary and Foundation Stage School

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Staff Configuration

Headteacher - Darrell Wood

Assistant Headteacher, Key Stage Two SEN Coordinator - Sue Khawaja

Assistant Headteacher - Jill Simms

Assistant Headteacher, Key Stage One Coordinator - Ann Dixon

Foundation Stage Coordinator, Teacher in Charge of Nursery - Cathryn Armer

Designated Safeguarding Officer, Key Stage One SEN Coordinator - Rebecca Stokoe

Key Stage Two Coordinator - Dan Holland

Nursery Oak - Cathryn Armer

Foundation Stage Aspen Class - Debbie Forsberg

Foundation Stage Pine Class - Gina Orchard

Year One Elm Class - Rebecca Stokoe

Year One Hazel Class - Ellie Canham

Year Two Yew Class - Ann Dixon

Year Two Beech Class - Jemma Tooke

Year Three Chestnut Class - Lauren Green

Year Three Larch - Adam Hudson

Year Four/Five Willow Class - Jill Simms/Sue Khawaja

Year Four/Five Sycamore Class - Sophie Strudwick

Year Four/Five Juniper Class - Kirsty Baxter

Year Six Blackthorn Class - Dan Holland

Year Six Maple Class - Carol Butcher

Five Acres School Meadow Illustration