Five Acres Primary and Foundation Stage School

Five Acres Primary and Foundation Stage School

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Working For Your Children

“Our guiding principle:
To nurture the full potential of every child in a secure, happy and inspiring environment”

Fine words…

What do the Headteacher, Assistant Heads and Governors actually do to make this happen, for all our pupils?

We’ve identified four key tasks. Everything we do must ensure:

1. Academic Excellence
2. High aspiration and ambition for our pupils
3. Safety and Well-being
4. Accountability

We strive to ensure Academic Excellence by

• Having the very best Teachers we can recruit. Then training them to make sure they                stay at the top of their game.
• Having the very best Teaching Assistants we can recruit. TAs provide an essential service to      all pupils, of all ages, and we value them highly.
• Making sure that every child makes good progress by designing lessons and activities to meet    everyone’s needs.
• Investing maximum time, focus and money on teaching Reading, Writing and Maths. If            children can’t master these skills, they can’t really learn anything else.
• Keeping a very close eye out for any problems that arise, and step in quickly to fix them.
• Providing really interesting, challenging lessons in other subjects, so every pupil can enjoy      school.
• Paying very great attention to pupils with a Special Educational Need – from High-Level            needs to a temporary stumbling block.
• Making sure the Most Able pupils are stretched and challenged, because it’s not true that        “they’ll be fine anywhere”.

We strive to ensure the highest Aspiration and Ambition for our children by:

• Recognising and celebrating all skills and abilities – whether academic or not, whether in-        school or out of school, whether achievements are large or small.

• Making effective use of the special extra money given to us by the Government to spend on      encouraging pupils to take part in and excel at sport (Sports’ Premium)

• Carefully spending the extra money given to us by the Government to help children from          families who have fewer opportunities than others (pupil premium)

• Making sure our pupils have opportunities to explore the very best Britain has to offer in          terms of spiritual and moral growth, and social and cultural involvement.

• Having really high standards of acceptable behaviour , and making sure all pupils know how    to behave well.

We strive to ensure Safety and Well-being by:

• Having really strict anti-bullying policies and, more importantly, practical tactics which stop    bullying stone-dead.
• No-one should ever have to endure bullying. No-one should be afraid to come to school. No-    one. Ever. We don’t tolerate it, we don’t ignore it and we don’t allow it.
• Making sure the physical environment in school is safe, while understanding our children’s        need for physical freedom and fun.
• Having tough, practical Safeguarding tactics for making sure that all our pupils are well          cared-for, and safe from risk.

We strive to ensure Accountability by:

• Having a skilled Governing Body to check that the School is investing its budget to meet the      needs of your children in the most cost-effective way.

• Having a skilled Governing Body who are capable of understanding and interpreting the            reams of data and reports that are produced, and who are ready to challenge School              Leaders on their education decisions.

This isn’t an exhaustive list – but it IS the key priorities by which the school is led.

We hope they match your own priorities for your children. If not, please get in touch with the acting Chair of Governors, Laura Wilson, via the school office.

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